Where were you that September Day!!!

On the eve of 911 I can't help but remember how our whole life changed. Where were you? What went through your head?  I was 10 years old at school when we went into lock down. We had always practiced that but we never really knew why, but now all of a sudden, this was very different. This wasn't practice. I felt scared, isolated and just wanted to go home. But we couldn't. Our teachers were great, trying to reassure us that all will be fine. But now that I am older I realized that they had no idea. Yes we were fine at the moment and stayed fine that day. Finally they released us to our parents and I was never so happy as to be home.

The hours and days to follow I remember sitting with my parents watching a lot of the news programs trying to make sense of all of this. I was worried about my family that lived close to the twin towers wondering if they were ok. Almost everyone who has friends or family out east knows someone who lost there life in one of the three tragedies that day. I am no different in that. What many don't know is that many others lost there life years later of unexplained illnesses that were likely caused by the materials in the air during the collapse of the towers. (I knew several that suffered that way).

That day at 10 years old, I learned a lot of things. I learned a lot about hatred. I learned that we are not invincible and I learned that we live in the best country in the world. I remember during that horrible time, the sense of pride and community I felt and saw. You can never go back nor can you ever undo but you can remember all the lesson you learned and use them to move forward.

On the eve of 911 I encourage you to think about that day, your feelings during and after and use them as bricks of strength for yourself, your family and our country! 911 NEVER FORGET!!!!

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